Golden Value Venture

Pricing for Purchasing
Hashing Power


Min price : 0.00000000034 BTC/PH/day

Average Price : 0.0041 BTC/PH/day

Watts required :
At 140 TH/s and 3010 Watts power consumption, 1 TH/s would require 21.5 Watts and 0.116 TH/s would require 2.5 Watts.

Electricity cost :
Min. $0.13/kWh (for commercial industry)

Crowd Funding

In the industry of cryptocurrency, there are mainly 2 cycles: bull market and bear market. For mining sector, bear market is the best opportunity to expand mining capacity since the entry barrier is a lot lower compared to bull market. In terms of FIAT value, mining rewards is lower during bear market but mining rewards can be accumulated and sold in the next bull market cycle to achieve maximumreturns. Therefore, we are currently crowd funding through the sale of mining hashrate to expand our mining capacity.

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